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 The Final Solution

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PostSubject: The Final Solution   The Final Solution EmptyThu Mar 21, 2013 5:00 pm

Every now and then in the USA someone, usually a young man, goes on a killing spree. The spree often takes place in school, the epitome of life's popularity contest, celebration of the banal and anti-intellectualism. The young man is usually described as quiet and intelligent. What drives this young man to commit such an act? It can only be the utter desolation caused by living in a society populated by human cattle whose very existence is antipodal to the free thinking, analytical and superior (measured by scientific and philosophical contributions) introvert.

But what does this act of violence achieve? It puts a spotlight on those who are different, the quiet and thoughtful individuals, and brands them as potential killers. The human cattle can't comprehend why this individual was so resentful towards them, why they lashed out so violently. Obviously sporadic killing sprees, a desperate attempt to destroy the cause of suffering and injustice, does not achieve anything of any value.

The extrovert will never accept the introvert, we are two incompatible species as different as lions and tigers. We cannot occupy the same living space. The problem with extroverts is that they will run planet Earth into the ground. They are consumers, like locusts. They contribute nothing. The human race is at a fork in the road. We must choose between a) regression to a primitive, neanderthal state of existence via social entropy or b) evolution into something more than a biological machine designed to survive and procreate, a posthuman. I believe that the introvert is the stepping stone from human to posthuman, the transhuman if you will.

What is to be done:

I propose that introverts unite, so as to better purge the extroverts from out species. They are obsolete. They are a cancerous limb which must be torn from the body. Sporadic school shootings are not enough, we must destroy them on a much more efficient scale. If we cannot kill them we must subdue them. We must stop them breeding so as to remove their numerical superiority. We must enslave them and put their feeble minds to work on physically demanding jobs. In order to remove them from power we must conspire against them, we must infiltrate their primitive society. We must identify ourselves to each other, exchanging resources and tactics.

This is a war. Not just against the lesser humans known as extroverts but against illogic, injustice, ignorance and the base elements of human existence. Nature enforces only one rule - survival of the fittest. I hope you will join me in my war against the non-human extroverts, for it is we introverts who are the fittest by our superior intellect, we have the right and duty to take our place as masters of this world.
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The Final Solution
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